The Team - Kiddies Aqua Swimming Academy



Owner & Head Coach
Lizette Botha disposes of a degree in Human Movement Science (UP). She was a provincial- athlete and hockey player during her school- and university career and completed three Comrades marathons. Lizette is also a Founder Member of Amphibies Babies Africa and a Board Member of the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation (South Africa). She equipped herself further on the terrain of water safety courses for babies (6-18 months) through Les Bébés Amphibies International (Switzerland) and also completed Swim SA’s “Learn-to-Swim”-program for swimmers from ages 2-10 years. She obtained various other certificates that enhance her knowledge and teaching skills. She also atends international conferences regularly and even visited Gustavo Borges in Brazil to share her knowledge on infant swimming with them. Gustavo and his wife run several swimming schools in Brazil and they are both ex-Olympic gold medalists. Lizette also served as Swim SA’s Liaison Officer for “Learn-to-Swim” in Mpumalanga for three years.

She has spent more than 75 000 hours in the water (not on pool deck) and has already taught more than 7 500 babies to float and 16 500 children to swim during her coaching career of the last 28 years. She is SA’s top Baby Floating Specialist with accolades of M-Net’s Carte Blanche, Kwêla, Supersport, Pasella and Top Billing (SABC) doing programs on her. In 2015 she was also invited by H.S.H. Princess Charlene of Monaco and husband, H.S.H. Prince Albert II, to go and assist them with the Self-Rescue Water Safety Program for their baby twins in Monaco. Since then she visited them twice again.

Both Lizette’s daughters (ages 17- and 19 years) have been regularly taken up in South Africa’s Junior National Swimming Squads. They have already achieved provincial swimming colours from the age of seven years, winning medals on a regular basis at national swimming competitions during the past twelve years. Lizette and all her team members hold valid First Aid Certificates. In 2014 she started her own brand for the Self-Rescue Water Safety Program, called Amphibies Babies Africa. She also forms part of the TUKS Swimming Coaches Team.


Lize joined the Kiddies Aqua Team of Swim Coaches in 2015 with more than 13 years’ experience in Learn-to-Swim instruction, teaching children in South Africa, USA and the Caribbean Islands. She is a certified Hydro Therapist with the Aquatic Therapy and Rehabilitation Institute in the United States of America and has received training at New York University – RUSK Medical institute.

She specialises in the following: * Aquatic Therapy Techniques for Children with Severe/Profound Disabilities * Paediatric AquaHab * Functional Neurological Development * Hip and Back Specialty Certificate Program * Assessment Specialty Certificate * Fall Prevention Specialty Certificate * Aquatic Therapeutic Exercise Certification * Children with Challenges * Risk Awareness Safety Training * Sport Development for Children.

Lize is also a certified Cognitive Behavioural Therapist with the School of Natural Health Sciences in the United Kingdom and is currently completing her Diploma in Child Psychology and Sport Psychology. A versatile sports woman, she holds national colours in Karate and provincial colours in hockey and gymnastics.


Estie studied IT to become a Programmer, but instead followed her passion by becoming a Swimming Instructor. She is a qualified Learn-to-Swim Instructor (LTS) with Swimming South Africa and has been teaching swimming for the past six years already. She loves the water and kids and both these passions grew into a career as a Swimming Instructor.

She is a friendly, fun-loving and motivating person that wants to encourage others to achieve their goals. For her each person she teaches is very special and important. Swim safety is her first priority and it makes her proud to know that her efforts encourage water safety and stroke correction of her learners. She has got a special touch with Adult Swimmers and handicapped children. She is a specialist on stroke-correction and gala-readiness. Her calmness and strong knowledge create an environment for fast learning. The kids love her to bits. She holds a valid First Aid Certificate. She receives many accolades on a regular basis from her clients for work well done.


Shenè joined the Kiddies Aqua Team of Swim Coaches in 2017. She has a BA Recreation and Tourism Management (North West University) and In-house training at Kiddies Aqua (six weeks). She is active at the Moreleta Park Branch.

She specialises in the following: Learn-to-Swim, Bridging phase between Baby Floating and Learn-to-Swim.

Shené played 1st Team Hockey for her school. During her gap year, she completed courses in Open Water and Advanced Scuba Diving. Her current hobby is Photography. She loves making a difference in peoples lives and lives with the motto of: "Never give up on your dream, because you never know what the Lord can bless you with!"


Alexandri joined the Kiddies Aqua Team of Swim Coaches in February 2017. She is in the process of obtaining a degree in BEd Teaching, has First Aid level 1 and in-house training at Kiddies Aqua (six weeks).

She specialises in the following: Learn-to-Swim, Bridging phase between Baby Floating and Learn-to-Swim. Stroke and Stroke Correction and Adult Swimming.

Alexandri was in the Limpopo Northern Swimming team 2008 - 2012 and Gauteng North Netball team in 2013 - 2015. Her current hobby is Cycling. She loves spending time with children and her motto is: "I will hold myself to a standard of grace, not perfection."


Nikita joined the Kiddies Aqua Team of Swim Coaches in November 2016. She obtained her Human Movement Science Degree from the University of Pretoria. She completed the American Swimming Coaches Association Certificate (ASCA) level 1 and also the Swimming South Africa LTS Certificate and in-house training at Kiddies Aqua (six weeks). She specialises in the following: Learn-to-Swim, Bridging phase between Baby Floating and Learn-to-Swim. Stroke and Stroke Correction.

Nikita was a representative on her school's student board and also did sports like athletics, netball and softball. She was also a member of the Student Council during her university years. She frequently goes to the gymnasium to exercise there as part of her hobby. She loves making a difference in people's lives and lives with the motto: "Never give up on your dream, because you never know what the Lord can bless you with."

Client Care


Client Care Coordinator
Lisa joined Team Kiddies Aqua in January 2016. Her specializations and responsibilities are: 1) Excellent Client Care, 2) Doing liaising between swim school and client, 3) Personal assistance to swimming instructors and 4) assist with the management of the facility

Lisa enjoys spending time with her family and friends. Lisa is involved in several charity initiatives and is an unapologetic Bulls supporter. Her hobby is reading and her motto is: "If you can dream it, you can achieve it." as a passionate facilitator Lisa believes in the power of teaching life skills, whether it be at the corporate level or the babies and children in the pool.