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Learn to Swim for Toddlers

Infants from 9-24 months who have completed and mastered the ability to float on their backs can now move on to the next phase, namely Learn-to-Swim Program (Foundation Phase). This is the phase where the fun and love for swimming begins. The infants love this phase, seeing that they do not have to float so much on their backs anymore. We teach them in a playful manner to start enjoying the amazing world of water.

Water safety still remains the main focus in this phase, seeing they are taught how to put their faces down, breath correctly, swim to the side, catch the side, get out of the pool, etc. We enhanced these new skills by repeating it as a trained drill. These drills build confidence when they are in the water. We make sure each child is highly competent in a specific phase/programme before moving him/her onto the next phase. We follow a programme with a purpose and allow each child to progress according to his/her own ability. The Learn-to-Swim levels remain educative, but include an exciting array of water toys, animal floats and water games to include the “fun” factor.

Teaching children how to swim in a fun-filled manner is an aquatic adventure that will change your child from a 'Survival Swimmer' into a 'Happy Swimmer' that cannot wait to get into the water with us, and perhaps turning into a 'Competitive Swimmer' one day. Whatever the age or activity, your child will have such a good time that he/she probably won’t want to get out of the pool at the end of the class. Due to their natural love and ability in water, most of them love to spend time under water.

The duration of the lesson for the Learn-to-Swim is 20 minutes and we ONLY do three children per lesson to ensure speedy progress. 

This Learn-to-Swim Program contains various phases, namely: 1) Foundation Phase (water safety and familiarization with water), 2) Intermediary Phase (stroke establishment) and 3) Advance Phase (preparation for competitive swimming).

In 2015, we have been approached by the University of Pretoria (TUKS SWIMMING) to take over their indoor swimming facility at the L.C. de Villiers Indoor Sports Centre at their Sports Campus. This facility was perfectly equipped to take our service offering to the next level. It allows us to do all our activities (Baby Floating, Learn-to-Swim, Stroke and Stroke Correction and Adult Swimming) in a more professional- and controlled manner. All of these activities take place in the same pool, but in different areas of the pool. There is an area where Lizette is doing her babies under a more controlled environment. There are also three working stations where our other instructors are doing the Learn-to-Swim for toddlers. For the stroke swimmers we have two 12-m long lanes allocated only to them. This is taking stroke coaching and practice to a totally different level. This facility is also equipped with large change rooms for boys and girls with showers, lockers and sufficient toilets. There is ample secured parking in the parking area outside and enough space for the parents to sit and observe what we do inside.

This pool also allows us to do many community projects under the auspices of the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation (PCMFSA), seeing that there is a big need to make more people water wise and water safe. We are currently assisting the SA U/17 and U/19 Football Ladies with swimming lessons as one of our projects and have already started teaching domestic servants, nannies and gardeners to swim. We are also running a project in Hammanskraal (Dominican School for the Deaf) where we teach more than 30x deaf preschoolers to swim. We are also involved in teaching children from a nursery school in Atteridgeville (west of Pretoria).

Lizette (Co-owner of Kiddies Aqua) is a Project Manager for the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation and has visited Her Serene Highness several times in Monaco already. She also taught her children, Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella, to be water safe and to float when they were still infants.

We are not only operating from the university pool, but also from our original facility in Moreleta Park with four of our most experienced instructors at our clients’ service. Lizette, with eight other well-experienced Learn-to-Swim instructors, have moved to the new facility at TUKS. However, Lizette is still available at Moreleta Park on Tuesday-afternoons and Thursdays for the whole day. This joint-venture and partnership with TUKS SWIMMING have brought many more new swimming opportunities for our swimmers. We are still operating as Kiddies Aqua Swimming Academy, but in partnership with TUKS SWIMMING (the largest swimming club in SA).

This association with TUKS is having a small additional financial implication for our clients. All our swimmers swimming at the TUKS-facility must register with the university at a fee of R375 per swimmer per swim season. The swim season stretches from May the one year until April the next year. This once-off registration fee includes third-party insurance (indemnity against accidents), the use of their swimming facilities, change rooms and toilets. It also includes an annual membership with TUKS SWIMMING allowing our older swimmers (6-10 years old) to take part in official club- and provincial galas countrywide under the TUKS SWIMMING name. All our swimmers have dual membership with Kiddies Aqua Swimming Academy and TUKS SWIMMING. A FREE three-logo printed swim cap and swim bag get issued to all registered swimmers at both branches.

It is important to know that we as Kiddies Aqua are not sharing in this annual registration fee. It is and was always our policy that we do not charge any annual registration fees. Other swim schools however do. This R375 once-off fee is purely going to the university as a standard registration fee for all their sports people.

Our four Client Care Coordinators will be at your assistance at both swim schools at 076 392 4958 (TUKS) or 072 186 6660 (Moreleta Park).

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