Special Needs Children - Kiddies Aqua Swimming Academy

Special Needs Children

Kiddies Aqua Swimming Academy presents lessons for children with Special Needs. With specialized, individual focused attention from the instructors these kids learn much faster than in larger groups. They develop a feeling of accomplishment when mastering certain strokes in the water. An excellent example of this is one of our ex-swimmers (Jan-Herman Els) who currently holds 11x world age group records and who is representing South Africa regularly at international competitions.

He started-off with us not being able to walk from the one side of the pool to the other side. Within three years his mastered all the swimming strokes and started to participate in competitive events. He is currently the SA Champion in several events in his age group and represents his country regularly at international level. We fed him through the system where he is now a member of TUKS SWIMMING CLUB.