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The swimming courses we offer

Self Rescue course for Babies

Self-Rescue Water Safety Program for Babies
(Les Bèbès Amphibies Switzerland and Amphibies Babies Africa)

The Self-Rescue Water Safety Method that Lizette follows is a combination of the Les Bébés Amphibies International Method and her own method developed over the past 29 years as a Baby Floating Instructor. Lizette Botha (Head Coach and Owner) was taught the method in 1991 by Debbie Vorster of Debbie Vorster Swim School. Her knowledge was further enhanced by Jean Fouace (Founder of Les Bébés Amphibies International – Switzerland). He is reckoned the “Pioneer” of the Self-Rescue Water Safety Method which he already started developing in 1967.

Learn to Swim

Learn-to-Swim for Toddlers

Infants from 9-24 months who have completed and mastered the ability to float on their backs can now move on to the next phase, namely Learn-to-Swim (Foundation Phase). This is the phase where the fun and love for swimming starts.

Adult Swimming

Adult Swimming

We offer specialized basic stroke and stroke correction for Adult Learners no matter what age. The ability to swim equips the learner with a life-skill. You are never to old to learn.

Swimming for Special Needs Children

Kiddies Aqua also presents lessons for children with special needs. With specialized, individual-focused attention from the instructors, these kids learn much faster than in larger groups.

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